A Need of Space at The Factory, Seattle

February 11, 2016

In their inaugural solo exhibition, “A Need of Space,” Juan Franco creates visual analogies of theoretical spaces and scenes. These spaces may never exist, or have already existed. The history of the spaces is uncertain, yet their traces become apparent. Their [re]appearance, their [re]emergence is beautiful. Like skin, architectural blueprints become landscapes when rearranged abstractly. They also become impossible diagrams of what they truly represent. They are long overdue, they are justified, and they are as close to real as they can be presently.

A mother and a child.
A blueprint and a building.
A negative and a photograph.

Juan Franco uses architecture, text, and photography to present work that holds authorial multiplicity constricting time from each work’s genesis to their current existence in this exhibition. This action serves as a constant rebirth, a continuous cycle in (re)claiming a sense of cultural and historical purpose.