festival:festival in Capitol Hill & Central District, Seattle

2017 – 2019

Mission: festival:festival presents and supports Seattle artists and cultural workers. We remove barriers that separate art experiences into genre-specific programs and we celebrate creative representations of intersectional structures and identities.

Vision: festival:festival excels in investing in artists and cultural workers who have been historically underrepresented due to systemic injustice. We create empowering experiences rooted in artistic rigor through dialogues of joy, resilience, and beauty. We thrive to build a sustainable and accessible arts community.

I was a Co-Founder of the festival and served as Co-Director from 2017 until 2019.

Links to succesful Kickstarter campaigns:

Press: Gayle Clemans, “Skyrocketing Seattle Prices and Lack of Space for Artists Led to the Start of This Arts Festival,” The Seattle Times, July 27, 2019

Photography: Cameron Fletcher